Julley and welcome to Ladakh. We run tours through out the year and have centrally heated properties in the capital of Ladakh, Leh.

Helping you escape out from your daily schedules, we cater to all kind of travellers and offer all transportation services. Let’s answer a few basic questions that you may have.

Number of days required: We would say a minimum of 5 nights to get a taste of Ladakh and as much as 10 nights to absorb it all. This, in case you are flying in and out. If you decide to hit the road from Delhi, take into consideration 10-14 days depending on what all you want to experience

What is the best month: We would say all! It all depends on when you need the break. You want a winter escape? We have it! You want to escape with your buddies in summers? We help you do it!

Can I come solo? Why not. A lot of individuals do this. The costing goes high but you are to yourself. And that’s a once in a lifetime adventure.

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