Lahaul Spiti nearest airport details

Lahaul Spiti is the best place to visit if you want to witness Buddhist life, snow capped mountains, mesmerizing lakes and beautiful monasteries. The Tabo monastery here is declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site and the Spiti valley is rightly known as the Land of Lamas.

The most popular way to reach Lahaul Spiti is via road either from Shimla or Manali. But if you are trying to save time and want to catch a flight to Spiti valley directly, we got news for you. Lahaul Spiti got no commercial airport of its own! Thus it can’t be accessed directly via flights.

The nearest Airport to Spiti valley is the Kullu airport in Bhuntar which is more than 240 KMS away from the same and it will take about 10-15 hours of driving as road is bad from Manali side. Also, this airport is really small and has limited flight operations. You can rent a taxi from the airport and it would cost about Rs 6000-8000 one way drop.

Kullu is a very small airport with a single runway and the capacity to park only two small airplanes at the runway simultaneously. Considering the rise in tourism, the Kullu airport should be upgraded to meet the growing needs of the people. The nearest international airport from Spiti valley would be Chandigarh airport which is 520 KMS away from Spiti.

Even though there is no commercial airport in Spiti valley, the government does provide services via helicopters during medical or natural disasters emergencies. Also, Rohtang tunnel will be opening by the end of 2019 which will connect Manali with Lahaul and cut down the distance of travel by more than 40 KMS or 3-4 hours in peak season. This will provide big relief to the locals as well as the militarty. It will also be an all weather connectivity tunnel which means it will be operative in winters thus no loss in connectivity would happen which otherwise does for six months during winters due to excessive snowfall.

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