Leh airport to Leh city taxi transport options

If you are planning to vacation in Leh this year, you’d be glad to know that Leh got its own airport. The airport is connected by direct flights from Srinagar, Mumbai and Delhi. Because of Leh being a popular tourist destination, the frequency of flights is also sufficient. But do note that only morning flights operate here.

Once you land at Leh Airport, you need to hire a taxi to reach the Leh city. It is very easy to rent any taxi and it takes about 10-20 minutes to reach your hotel depending on the location. There are three type of taxis available in Leh:
Class A taxis are the most expensive and include Aria, Innova and XUV.
Class B taxis are moderately priced and include Qualis, Scorpio and Safari.
Class C taxis are the cheapest and include Van, Sumo and Eco.

Generally you will be charged about Rs 600-800 for airport pick up and about Rs 400-600 for airport drop. During drop, they do not need to park and hence less charges. You might find the rate of taxis to be high but you can call the drivers directly and negotiate for some discount. Fare meters are not used by the taxis and hence you need to use your bargaining skills to ensure fair price is charged by the drivers.

For the year 2019 due to boom in tourism, there has been a hike of 8 to 10% in the rates of taxi fares. But even with such steep prices hiring a taxi is always advisable as the drivers got necessary experience in driving in rough conditions and on rocky terrains. Also if you take your in car, the maintenance cost would be too much after the trip as scratches are common due to narrow roads. With hired taxis, you don’t have to worry about the same. These drivers also know the best places to stay and can help you earn discount at the hotels.

Also outside taxis and rented cars are not permitted for the sightseeing purpose in Leh City. If you are driving your own car, it should be in your name or your parents or your spouse name and proper identification documents should be present. To prevent from such hassles, it is always better to hire taxis.

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